Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Café Open

When it comes to food there are two basic extremes. Food is either a physical representation of kilo joules/calories that needs to be recorded/monitored often meticulously, or it is the nectar of the gastronomical beings, whose passion of food may teeter on the edge of gluttony.

Somewhere along the scale lies allyt and I; undoubtedly with the majority of people. We share the passion for food - its flavours, textures, appearance, aromas - yet our profession gives us the knowledge to keep it all at a healthy balance.

This space stands as a brainchild of our future retirement plan to be food critics and writers. In light of the many many many food blogs out there in the world wide web, we simply say this: we may not have flashy slr-neatly photoshopped-arty pics, but we surely share with you recipes, reviews and random rants of all things food!

Enjoy the read, comment your thoughts, and create at home!  After all...

We love our bread, [sourdough/ 9 grain please]
We love our butter, [i speak on behalf of allyt on this one]          
But most of all, we love each other! [food + friends = FUN!]