Monday, February 21, 2011

goooooooaaallll!! (a)

if i can't write this on here, then i don't know where to write it.

i thought about sending an email to myself.

i should really write it in word and print it and stick it on my wall.

yesterday i was helping my friend create a presentation, and while hanging out in her study, i noticed two large sheets of paper with 'kats 10 year goals' and 'kats life goals' and i don't think i have ever taken the time to sit down and write my goals out.

after coming back from europe i was happy with the concept - i will earn enough to pay my bills and take a yearly trip to another country. i don't feel like i need a big house, and a car, and a tv, and all that jazz. simple is easy

however, after talking to my friends lately, i realise that simple IS easy, and by submitting to this lifestyle, i am not pushing myself to evolve.

so i decided that i would write a few goals...or dream that i have. that i intend on accomplishing in my life...


1) own and run a cafe. preferably with miss k, but i would be happy to branch out on my own. european themed. the best coffee. featuring an amazing breakfast menu, and enough fresh salads to feed a goat, not to mention cakes to boot, it would be the place to catch up with friends for a well deserved break.

2) if successful, i want to own and run a bar. if you live in perth - think a mix of the bird and the moon, with a little of 1907 chucked in. lots of european themes. something like that (which is most def what it will not turn out to be).

SHORT term

3) i WILL learn another language this year. spanish preferably. and then i will live in spain. i will have siestas and lazy lunches, work in a small food establishment and wear floral dresses. i will ride an old bike with a basket and wear flowers in my hair.

4) next year, i am going to new york. i want to live there - and drive across america to LA.

5) i WILL do dancing, or yoga, or pilates this year.

thats all i can think of. i think that makes for a pretty good list. sorry nooooo recipes...ahhhh but surely one tomorrow :) i promise.

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  1. You've actually reinspired me Ally that I should re-evaluate my goals and get on with making my life as beautiful as it can be. xo Kat xo