Saturday, June 30, 2012

Oh hello there!

Miss K and I caught up last night - and Miss K mentioned our blog. Our wonderful beautiful baby that has sadly been neglected for a couple (ok alot) of months. We haven't stopped eating, or baking, we just got BUSY (K got a boyfriend and I got another job). So, here we go...a promise to write something EVERY WEEK. I am currently working full time at sherbet (queen of icing here), so I don't have much time for baking, but I AM eating all the food in perth that I can - breakfasts especially. My camera is loaded, my tummy is empty and the words are on xx

p.s heres a few shots just to get you going...

breakfast at sayers

salad at aubergine

3 hours at king st reading the takiest (read:best) book ever

breakfast at hobart st

afternoon tea at lincolns