Monday, September 12, 2011

Lincolns 102 (allyt)

I love cake. I love it so much I've convinced my boss at sherbet to teach me how to make it. PROPERLY! So, until I get my own cafe and I can bake it for you, I'm reduced to eating it (damn).

So naturally, I love a good cake cafe. One of the things I dislike about perth is that if you go out for dinner, and you want to eat cake and coffee afterwards, there is almost nowhere to go (except the moon, but we're boycotting that. and king street, we're boycotting that too) and if it is open, its in the CBD and not really useful. 

Lincolns 102 is NOT a late night cake cafe. BUT it is a NEW place for me to go eat cake (apart from sherbet...) and I really suggest you all head down there too!

ok so as you may have guessed, lincolns is pretty much all about the coffee and the cake. there is a selection of sandwiches/lunch and breakfast items (such as chocolate porridge...totally going back to try that) but cake is the main drawcard. 
I spent about 5 minutes deliberating over which cake to get (the flourless chocolate ganache? the orange cake? the BLUE VELVET???) but in the end I settled for the chocolate raspberry layer cake. I just couldn't go past all the layers...

Looks good hey??? and it was better than good. it was amazing. an orgasmic cake moment. its was spectacular. I'm drooling just thinking about it.

The cake was a FOUR tiered light but moist and flavoursome chocolate cake with layers of raspberry buttercream between each cake part. Now, for those of you who have not been introduced to buttercream SHAME ON YOU and GET YOU'RE BUTT DOWN TO LINCOLNS!!! Buttercream....REAL buttercream is the most amazing thing in the whole entire world. Let me describe it for you...imagine eating a spoonful of butter, you know that amazing fatty mouthfeel. Now imagine that butter is lighter ( you super whipped the butter) and slightly sweet, with a hint of raspberry.

Kat, my cake eating partner in crime, had the raspberry cake...which was a pretty simple plain vanilla sponge cake with raspberries baked into it. I personally thought it was a little bit dry, and unflavoursome.

We decided not to have coffee...but apparently its awesome.

At $7.50 (including cream) for a MASSIVE slice (I think Kats piece of cake was about a 1/5th of the cake) of cake, I was pretty happy.
Coffee is around $4...a little exy, but thats perth for you. The sandwiches and breakfast items were all around $10-15, pretty damn good.

I changed tables twice (to move to the sunny spots) and every time the staff were great at clearing up straight away. The chef/owner had a good chat to me about her cakes, and suggested that I choose the chocolate raspberry over the blue velvet or any other cake. Nothing to complain about really!!!


I WILL go back to lincolns. I will go back for more cake, and chocolate porridge. Its a good 35min ride from my house, so the cake is totally justified. Also, they have the newspaper, so I could do the crossword. The inside of lincolns is a little bit cluttered and ramshackle - lots of THINGS everywhere, but with super comfy armchairs. I thought it was much nicer outside on the street corner just watching the world (and the aboriginals who hang out down at the birdwood square park) go by. So yes, get down there sometime. Get some cake, and enjoy :)

new directions (allyt)

I'm trying something new today. Since moving out of home I've kinda (shock) STOPPED BAKING/cooking. number one, because I don't have anyone to bake for...number two because I have an evening job and so my dinner usually consists of leftover food from home, spaghetti on toast or noodles with vegetables. super delish, but not really that exciting.

SO this is my new thing...before I moved to europe I used to write a review about EVERY restaurant I went to. LITERALLY EVERY ONE. and then, I got back from europe, and I stopped. No idea why, just stopped. I think mostly coz i was living at home and had no money, so my eating money was curbed. Now, I am living out of home, and I think I eat out almost every day...i mean, today I had lunch out, yesterday I had a drink, the day before I had breakfast AND lunch, friday I went out for cake, thurs...I had breakfast, wed I had dinner, tues I worked all day and monday...I went out for lunch. see???!!!!! so its time to tell you about all these places.

How I usually work is: Food, Price, Service, Overall. And if you're lucky I get a few sneaky photos in. So, thats my plan over the next few days, catch up! So have fun, hope I tell you about some new and exciting places to go!!!!