Wednesday, May 12, 2010

totally easy apple crumble (a)

so. this post is for a couple of people :D

numero uno is raymanda. ray (and) manda are my housemates. who LOVE apple crumble. seriosuly love. but they buy nanas apple crumble, defrost and heat in microwave ?!??!?. i was a bit shattered when i heard this (almost makes me as sad as hearing people say that gelare waffles are real. BAH) so i made apple crumble for them, and they were in crumble heaven. and i made custard.

the next person i dedicate this to is georgie *waves* georgie baked my gingerbread cake the other day and has apparently now earned the (undeserved she believes) title of a baker in her house. so, georgie, i post this super easy and delish apple crumble so you can wow your housemates with your amazing baking skills

and to all you readers out there, get inspired by georgie...its getting cold, totally time to whip out the granny smiths and heat up the house with the aroma of apple crumble.

ok so the pic isnt that great. but you try arranging apple crumble from a bowl in another bowl and then taking a photo in bad light. promise next time i make it i'll get a new one.

Apple Crumble
(note...this is a double crumble amount. but more crumble the better i say)

3 large granny smith apples
1 c plain flour
150 g room temp butter
1 c rolled oats
1/2 c brown sugar (can use white sugar)
1 tbspn cinnamon
1 tspn mixed spice

place butter in bowl to warm up while you prep the apples. wash apples. cut into quarters and de-core. slice each quarter into 4-5 pieces. alternately, grate apple. arrange in bottom of large baking dish (i use pyrex dishes, about 10cm deep and normal cake tin size round). turn oven on to 190 degrees. add flour to butter. using fingertips, rub the butter and flour together (takes about 5 min) until most of it has combined and looks like breadcrumbs. (there will probably be a couple of big chunks of butter, dont worry too much). add oats, sugar and spices. mix together. pour ontop of apples and press down firmly. place in oven for 45 minutes.

To serve:
vanilla yoghurt (goes really well and MUCH healthier than icecream)
icecream or cream
or a combination of all three

add a shake of cinnamon over the apples before placing the crumble ontop to give it a bit more flavour
add frozen berries or raisins to the apple
add 1/2 c of loosely chopped walnuts to the crumble for a bit of crunch

eat leftover crumble for breakfast - BEST IDEA EVER!!!!