Monday, September 10, 2012

The Local Cafe

The Local Cafe
36 Paget St
HiltonWA 6163

So. You know how I mentioned there were two cafes that were really close together in Hilton? Well I went to the other cafe...The Local Cafe...with dan for our regular monday brunch date. It was too cold to sit outside, and lucky there was one table left in the teeny tiny cafe, so I sat on down to wait for dan.

Halfway through the west aussie paper he turned up and we turned out attention to the menu. I of course, chose the pancakes and dan had the eggs bennedict. Now, I don't think I have mentioned this before, but I don't eat eggs. So I highly rate a cafe on how many 'egg-less' options they have. Muffins, granola and toast don't count because I can make that at home. The only option on this menu was the pancakes. 

Now, when the meals came out...mine came first, and it was your stock standard pancakes...three medium sized ones with about 3 strawberries chopped ontop and some (good quality) maple syrup. THEN the EB came out...and it looked freaking amazing, with pesto-mayo, a pile of eggs and crispy bacon absolutely lathered in sauce. Made my pancakes look pretty boring, and I was jealous. 

Anyways, I dug in regardless and...well...the flavour of the pnacakes was spot on, not too sweet, not too airy, nice and fresh and slightly crispy with yummy fresh strawberries...but they were just a teeny tiny bit too thick, and so the middle tasted slightly uncooked. On the other hand, dan had a freaking awesome breakfast that he couldn't stop raving about. 

We also had drinks..a chai for me...but they used powder, so it was very very sweet, but still really tasty (and better than the syrup they use at my work...eugh) and dans coffee...well it looked alright, but definitely not one of the best coffees around. Also it came in a plastic cup. wtf.

Like I said, the cafe was tiny, only 5 tables...and they were full of ladies catching up for coffee. There was a bali-style theme, with bright cushions and wooden wall hangings. The owner (and coffee maker) was sitting with some friends at one table, and would get up to make coffee and supervise the young (thai?) man on the till when required.  I was charged $45 for both breakfasts and coffees, and after a think, went back to demand some money back, because that was ridiculously overpriced! I was right...I was charged around $8 more for some reason - but there was no problem, after three goes at adding up the bill, it was sorted and I got some money back. The EB was $16 and my pancakes, $13, with both drinks being $4.5 - rather pricey for a local cafe.

So...what can I say...the serving sizes were excellent, the pancakes weren't bad, just not excellent, the coffee was mediocre and they overcharged me, but happily refunded (and accepted my pancake cristcism). It was nice to try, but I won't be going back to the local. I would rather head up the road a bit to sweet ginger...or next door to the wholesale patisserie, that had a very impressive array of cakes.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Sweet Ginger Cafe

Sweet Ginger Cafe
Shop 7
308 south st, hilton.

Once upon a time, I went on urbanspoon and found these two awesome looking cafes just out of freo. I didn't write the names down though, and therefore forgot about them. But the day came when I was determined to find these cafes...and so I spent ages searching high and low on google. To my surprise, I stumbled across them, and with alex as my date I went there, and now, I have the chance to share with you.

At first, I was unsure about SG. Mostly because I couldnt find it. I saw the sign, and I knew I was in the right area, but I couldnt see the cute little cafe that the photos on facebook indicated. All I saw was a run down old shopping centre, with a barber and local grocery store. "Maybe it's inside?" I said to alex. So we ventured through the grubby sliding doors and into the shopping centre. To my surpise (and delight), SG was there, like a cave of wonders. We walked in and just stood at the counter in awe of all the amazingly delightful house-baked goodies on show.

I settled on the banana and honey bread (fresh out of the oven) after a much heated discussion with the f.o.h staff (who was very informed, chatty and lovely) over whether it would be better than the berry and pear bread (also fresh out of the oven) and a soy chai brewed in the pot (YES!). Alex had the fruit bread with jam and a long mac. It came to $20. WOOOO! We chose our table and started to gossip.

excited alex!

My chai was brought out on a silver tray in a beautiful china teapot and cup and saucer (so fancy). Our food arrived shortly afterwards and my bread was delicious. The banana was well blended through the loaf, so no surprise soggy banana bits, there was a hint of honey and it was soft and beautiful and went so well with my chai. Alex thoroughly enjoyed her coffee and fruit bread, which was full of nuts and dried fruit. Probably could have done with a little bit more jam.

i'm a laaaaady!

We sat and chatted and considered getting more food, coz there was a pretty amazing looking chocolate cherry cake on offer. will have to wait until next time.

The decor at SG is mismatched old-worldy, with high back chairs, long tables for friends, a kids corner with books and couches for parents to sit and supervise on. There is wallpaper on the wall, floral on the sofa and china teapots on silver trays. The colour theme is a rich orange-red with lamps to create ambiance. There are small vases filled with fresh flowers on the table and sugar pots. All the food is displayed on the front counter, the muffins in their pans, the sweet bread on a stand and the cakes under glass domes. There is a wide range of tea, and the blackboard has daily specials (ie: coffee + muffin for $8.5) and the queen sits at the front counter presiding over everything.

the queen approves (photo from SG facebook)

This is a super cute really well priced cafe that takes a step back in time (literally - purely based on the location). The owners have done a superb job of fitting out an unused space in a shopping centre and have made something really special for the community...including live jazz on saturday. So, get your butt out of freo and down to hamilton.