Wednesday, November 4, 2009

reckless ambition

Ha. finally figured this out...guess what you press 'new post' to make a new post. who would've thought.

so basically, i see miss K got the (meat)ball rolling ;)

you will find food for the soul regularly dished out from K (as well as normal food) she's pretty cool like that.

as for me?? i just want to be on here to share my
enthusiasm of food with you.

my two philosophies are: approach love and cooking with reckless ambition (Dalai Lama) and eat to live, do not live to eat (William Penn) and because this isnt about my epic love life, i guess i better talk about food, which is pretty much my style, seeing as i spend almost every waking minute of my day thinking about food and my next meal, so for those that make my tastebuds dance, i plan on documenting the ride!!

anyways...want to start the first enjoy!!

p.s i think my food photos are pretty classy...

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