Tuesday, January 19, 2010

wffls for bffls

'and in the morning, i'm making WAFFLES' - donkey, shrek

is there anything better than the humble waffle? i have vivid memories of getting back from church on sunday morning and convincing mum that waffles would be a much better breakfast than pancakes. getting numerous bowls out, heating up the waffle iron, beating cream, unsticking the mayple syrup lid from the bottle and defrosting frozen berries or slicing up fresh banana and strawberries. then, sitting down and fighting my brothers for the freshest (crispiest) waffle onto which a deluge of cream and mayple syrup would be placed. then, sectioning out one of the waffle 'hearts', and biting through, the softness of whipped cream with the beautiful fatty mouth feel, the sweet tang of mayple syrup that inevitabley drips all over your chin and down your arm and finally, the crunch of waffle, so soft in the middle and light as anything and soooo unbelievebly tasty.

waffles are probably my most favourite breakfast foods. i mean, pancakes are great and so is french toast, but i love crispy things, and so a fresh waffle is like joy on a plate.

the word waffle comes from the word, 'wafer' which is a thin, crispy bread backed between two 'irons'. today, most waffles come in two different shapes, the scandinavian 'waffle heart' (which is what i make), basically 5 intersecting hearts that can be split. or the belgian waffles, which are thicker and gooey-er and are typically a rectangle shape.

some more history for you...(note: i was VERY excited about this)...international waffle day. IWD originated in sweden (called
Våffeldagen bahaha) and is celebrated on the 25th of March. Why this day? Well, if you calculate, its nine months before the birth of Jesus, and therefore the supposed day the archangel gabriel told Mary she was pregnant. Why waffles? Because of their light consistency, the waffle is said to imitate the lightness of angels (hence gabriel). Also, this is considered the first day of spring in sweden. spring means new life, eggs mean new life and eggs are prominent in waffle recipies. make sense?

anyways, the whole reason i wrote this was because last sunday my friends and i had a 'waffle breakfast' (therefore the title..wffls (waffles) for bffls (best friends for lives)) alot of my friends believe that 'gelare' makes real waffles. i beg to differ. glare waffles are NOT waffles. they are a cheap, eggy imitation. please call me and i would be HAPPY to organise making REAL waffles for you :) or, if you have time, have your own wffls for bffls party! heres a recipe...

Best ever waffle batter (makes about 12)

2 c SR flour
1/4 c sugar
2 eggs, separated
3/4 c milk
1/2 c water
90g melted butter
1 tspn vanilla essence

Preheat waffle iron. Place flour and sugar in large bowl, mix. Add egg yolk, milk, water, melted butter and vanilla essence and beat (electric mixer ftw) until smooth (no lumps). In separate bowl, beat egg whites until they create peaks (ie: light and fluffy). Fold egg whites into batter.
When green light is on waffle iron, spoon (or pour) about 4 tbspns of batter onto the iron, close and cook until green light turns on again

use eggs at room temperature for a better mix
if doubling the mixture, add 1/3 of a cup of sugar instead (too much makes them too sweet)
if making savoury waffles, add even less sugar
grease waffle iron before the first use, after that they shouldnt stick
keep waffles in the oven (about 150 degrees) until ready for use so they dont go soggy and cold

the classic waffle topping is whipped cream and mayple syrup but also try:
fresh sliced fruit (banana, mango, nectarine, grapes, passionfruit, strawberries)
frozen berries (makes a great sauce too when defrosted)
yoghurt (in place of cream, healthier and just as tatsy)
chocolate topping
golden syrup

Other breakfast essentials
good friends
toast (fruit bread or a good sourdough)
danish pastries
fresh fruit
bircher muesli (or homemade muesli, see previous post)

enjoy!!! :) p.s these photos are actual waffles that i have made :)

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