Thursday, December 2, 2010

Spaghetti toasties (a)

Ok, so this is a fairly easy recipe. But believe it or not, some people have not been introduced to the amazingness of spaghetti toasties.


I dont know how you could have lived without spaghetti toasties. When I was little they were a staple in my house...usually with alot of sauce everywhere too.
Spaghetti toasties are a great way to finish off a few bits in the fridge, or for a wholesome dinner when you just dont feel like cooking.
The way I cook it means you have soft bread on the bottom (like sizzler cheesebread) and crunchy melty cheese ontop...mmmmmmmm

So next time you have a night in, try this 5 minute meal....


2 slices bread
200g watties tinned spaghetti (watties spaghetti is the best)
50g ham
2 handfulls of grated cheese (or 4 slices)

Turn the grill function on the oven.
Place bread on a tray, and place under the grill.
Pour half the spaghetti into a bowl and warm in the microwave (about 30 sec)
Take the bread out from the grill (shouldn't be brown, but just a little crispy)
Lay the ham over the bread.
Divide the spaghetti ontop of the ham
Lay cheese overtop
Place tray back under the grill for about 2 min, or until cheese is slightly brown.
Eat with fingers.

Add thinly sliced capsicum, mushrooms or zuchini to the spaghetti when you warm it for a healthier more substantial meal.
Use wholegrain bread.

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