Sunday, July 17, 2011

A trip to margaret river (allyt)

It was miss K's birthday last weekend. For her birthday, she organised that she, sas, dina, graysh and I of us girls head down south to stay at peppermint grove beach for 2 nights.

watch out boys!!
The plan was to eat loooots of food, sample loooooots of wine, make our own pizzas and watch movies and just chill out. a tribute to Miss K's adventure (and birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS K!!!!)....heres a sample of the FOOOOOOD (and other exciting activities, ok, mostly just the food) for you all. ENJOOOOOOY!

excess consumption of tim tams (two of 5 packets)

sweet potato and spices soup at samudra

spicy hot chocolate at samudra (mmmmm)

hot chocolate and macaroons at choco-latte

down...down....prices are going down

birthday dinner at samovar

sas and seafood pasta, dina and paella

kris and fish, (haha) graysh and steak (mmmmm)

bacon and eggs for breakfassst!!

wine tasting at woody nook

more wine tasting!

evans and tate....very posh, and best most helpful wine lady ever!

liqueurs at the grove - def worth the $5 tasting fee!!!

burger and wedges at settlers taven in margs...mmmmm

time to feed someone else...the (wild) alpacas!!!

birds feeding at the berry farm

scones and boysenberry the berry farm. deliiiish!

up for a spot of cheese grommit?!

mmmmmmm pistachio cranberry nougat at MR choc company

sas. feta. mess.

our amazing pizza creations. pre cooking!

brie on jam on toast. I ate half a wheel of brie.

mums strawberry jam. yuuummmmm

the girls :)

icecream at simmos!!

peppermint grove beach

my first attempt at sherbet pistachio baby cakes. turned out pretty well! happy birthday kristy!!!!

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