Monday, September 12, 2011

new directions (allyt)

I'm trying something new today. Since moving out of home I've kinda (shock) STOPPED BAKING/cooking. number one, because I don't have anyone to bake for...number two because I have an evening job and so my dinner usually consists of leftover food from home, spaghetti on toast or noodles with vegetables. super delish, but not really that exciting.

SO this is my new thing...before I moved to europe I used to write a review about EVERY restaurant I went to. LITERALLY EVERY ONE. and then, I got back from europe, and I stopped. No idea why, just stopped. I think mostly coz i was living at home and had no money, so my eating money was curbed. Now, I am living out of home, and I think I eat out almost every day...i mean, today I had lunch out, yesterday I had a drink, the day before I had breakfast AND lunch, friday I went out for cake, thurs...I had breakfast, wed I had dinner, tues I worked all day and monday...I went out for lunch. see???!!!!! so its time to tell you about all these places.

How I usually work is: Food, Price, Service, Overall. And if you're lucky I get a few sneaky photos in. So, thats my plan over the next few days, catch up! So have fun, hope I tell you about some new and exciting places to go!!!!


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