Thursday, March 4, 2010

(beating domino's) pizza (a)

i got a flyer in the mail today.

'domino's pizza good choice range. only 389 calories'

this gets me on my soapbox.
  • 389 calories eh. yeah did you know 389 calories is 1633.8kJ. oh yeah. sounds worse now doesnt it? EH??
  • the pizza only serves one person. so its not a magic pizza, its JUST A SMALLER SERVING SIZE. well of COURSE its going to be less energy
  • it costs $6.95 for your dinner. and thats when you pick it up
  • it takes 15-30 minutes before you get dinner.
  • and finally, the statement: 'dietitians were sceptical'
and so, i decided to prove domino's wrong, and make my own under $6.95 less than 15 minutes and 389 calorie pizza. that KICKED BUTT on taste.

and here it is:

(beating domino's) pizza

2 pieces wholemeal lavash bread
2 tbspns tomato paste
three handfulls melted cheese
3 mushrooms sliced
1/3 of a capsicum sliced
a chunk of pumpkin (about 1/8)
2 pre-cooked satay chicken kebabs

preheat oven to 200 degrees. line a baking tray with baking paper. place one of the lavash breads on the paper. spread tomato paste evenly over bread. distribute two handfuls of cheese over paste. place other lavash bread ontop of the cheese. spread other handfull of cheese over lavash bread. Slice pumpkin thinly and place on plate in microwave for 2 minutes. meanwhile, slice mushrooms, capsicum and chicken. lie pumpkin over the cheese, then mushrooms, then capsicum and finally the chicken. Place in the oven for 5 minutes or until cheese is melted.

now, this took me 15 minutes to make. it fed two people, and by my calculations, comes to a total calorie content of 372 (calculated using calorie king), and the cost? its hard, coz i brought the paste and lavash (which i will use again) but around $7 - and it fed two, so really...$3.5 each.


i had leftover chicken satay to add to the pizza, but you can use shaved chicken (from the deli) or leftover cooked chicken.
alternatively, go vego, and add tomato or a sprinkling of feta (note this will change the kJ content)
you can basically add anything to a pizza...but try
salami, ham, capsicum and mushroom
spinach, pumpkin, feta, kalamata olives
zucchini, lamb, kalamata olives
pesto (instead of tomato paste), mushrooms and parmesan
chicken, pumpkin, capsicum and cashew
chilli tomato paste (add 1/2 tspn chilli), salami and mushroom

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