Friday, February 12, 2010

Caramelised Pears (a)

Dear reader. i would like you to meet my TOT (train of thought). last night, it went something like this:

hmmm need to make dessert. what do i have. leftover meringue. what can i have with meringue...ICECREAM....damn, i ate that last night. yoghurt, i have yoghurt. oh and look, theres a tin of passionfruit. hmmm meringue topped with yoghurt and passionfruit. oh, lets grate some chocolate ontop too. oh wait, i have tinned pears. i wonder what would happen if i fried the pear. oh, what about if i caramelise them. what about, caramelised pear and yoghurt. oh and meringue. shit. how do i caramelise. butter and brown sugar in a pan sounds good. ok. shit. the butter is burning. take it off the heat, stir in brown sugar. how much. who cares. that looks about right. lets chuck the pears in.

hmm looks alright. i reckon it needs vanilla essence. wow. that looks pretty good. it looks like i think its supposed to look. ok, onto a plate. wow. that tastes awesome. WOOOOO. have to blog this.

so...with thanks to my TOT i present....

Caramelised Pears (for two)

1 tub of yoghurt (i had low fat apricot, but i would recommend a thick vanilla)
2 meringues (see previous recipe: mini pavalovas - posted Jan)
2 pear halves (just from a tin)
3 tbspns brown sugar
50g butter
3 tbspns pear juice
1 tspn vanilla essence.

Place a small saucepan on the stovetop - lowest heat setting. Place butter in pan and melt, stirring until frothy. add the brown sugar and stir (at this stage, the butter and brown sugar were still seperated) take off heat and add pear juice (watch out coz it will spit if its too hot) stir, and it should make a smooth brown sauce. add the pears and spoon sauce over the pears. let it simmer on very low heat for about 5 minutes. add vanilla essence. remove from heat and let it sit.
In two dessert bowls, spoon half the yoghurt. place a pear on the side, and spoon syrup overtop. break meringue and arrange overtop.

Like i said, i had the pan waaaay too hot, and it spit everywhere, so use a very low heat setting, or remove the pan from the heat once the brown sugar is added and put it back on the heat after the pears are added.
For a more decadent dessert, use really really good icecream or thick yoghurt
You dont need meringue, i just had leftover to use!

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