Friday, February 5, 2010

RAWRRRR! ..easy tigerrr.... [k]

if you know me well, you know just HOW badly I have wanted to go to tiger tiger cafe! like real bad. Why? because I've only heard rave reviews about its 
"awesome laneway location"

"funky decor and atmosphere"
"goooooooood coffee". 
It can be dangerous hearing such can set your expectation for a place sky high.

so finally, I popped my Tiger Tiger cafe cherry (yes, first time - the rest of u got punk'd on fb) and went yesterday - and what better occasion than to have an epic catchup with my other half, over our favourite meal of the day; breakfast!

Tiger Tiger is cute! in a funky kinda way. As you walk down the laneway, the morning sun peeps through the outdoor patio-style covers; wooden tables and benches are arranged casually, with the odd vintage chair or two. Being a midweek morning, and its CBD location the usual work crowd was there getting their caffeine fix, but Tiger Tiger attracts people of all sorts.

Onto the food - the menu is simple, short and sweet. You've got the usual beans/egg/toast options, yoghurt & granola, fruit toast - OH but then they put a nice twist on it by having a few unique options... such as the chicken, bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich - ally t's choice. Thick pieces of bread, moist chicken with mayo-style sauce, decent amount of veg - it was a big breakfast, presented well.

I was feeling a bit more traditional this morning, and opted for an egg option. Btw, Alex doesn't do eggs, and I don't do bacon, so if the opportunity every arose, we would totally make the perfect pair to share eggs and bacon for breakfast - win-win situation!

My breakfast - 2 poached eggs, with salmon on sourdough. Ok, so it doesn't look pretty like ally's but, here, with three of my fav foods for breakfast I had to try it! Also, its a pretty simple breakfast - so I wanted to test quality. Soft poached eggs, with runny yolk? check. Slight tangy aftertaste of the sourdough? This is crucial! and...check! ever so slight, but definitely there! which is hard to say for so many other 'sourdoughs' i've come across. Thick crispy slices were added to the enjoyment! Unfortunately, I didn't really rate the salmon - it was probably the same type of salmon you buy in those sealed packets from the supermarkets. Nothing wrong with that per se - tastes fine, and plus, to my knowledge, large amounts of cold, ready to eat salmon isn't readily available any other way, except if you want salmon for sashimi ($$$). So taste was fine, texture was smooth, but nothing out of the ordinary. You obviously pay extra for the salmon, yet seemed like it was plonked on the bottom of the plate, under the bread and eggs (I moved the salmon for the sake of the picture). I'm a big believer in the saying 'you eat with your eyes'...the way food is presented can impact our enjoyment of the meal - adding to the whole experience, or detracting from it. Believe me, I enjoyed my breakfast, it was tasty; yet how hard would it be to arrange the bread on the plate, pile the eggs on top and balance it out with the salmon, finished off with a sprinkling of fresh dill or parsley. Visually enhanced, eye pleasing food - I personally enjoy taking time to appreciate such 'art', and then go on to continue my appreciation for the dish's flavours and textures.

Ohhh.. its getting late, and there's so much more to say! But, I must comment on the coffee.. and i'll keep it short. Honestly, I was disappointed. I grabbed a takeaway soy flat white after breakfast, and .. ahh I'm feeling sad just thinking about it! The coffee had an almost sour after tang to it - something that I expect from sourdough not coffee! and no, the milk wasn't off. UGH and it was WATERY!! not strong enough AT ALL. ok I don't wanna talk about it anymore - it was just...bad. Perth has some pretty decent coffee places, so you gotta be good to be in the game.

All in all, did Tiger Tiger hit the mark? or was it all just hype? Yes, for the funky, cute and quaint cafe that serves up tasty food, decent portions at affordable prices. No, for the weird, unexpected coffee experience.

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