Thursday, February 18, 2010


Lent started yesterday.

You're all probably wondering what lent has to do with food. Well, as it turns out, quite alot. If you look, most religious celebrations are centred around food. As a Christian, I focus primarily on those celebrations, but there are many others...Bahais fast, as do Muslims for certain periods of the year. Jewish people only eat food prepared a certain way, Hindus usually dont eat meat...and the list goes on. Food in religion is used for self-denial and celebration, and is central to many religions.

Lent is a period of 40 days before Easter (traditionally beginning on Ash Wednesday) that symbolises a period of preparation before the death of Christ (Easter). It involves prayer, penitence and self-denial and is said to imitate the time Jesus spent in the desert being tempted by Satan.

pretend cat = Jesus. and cheeseburger = food

So heres the interesting fact for the day. Traditionally, Lent meant just one meal a day, and no eggs, meat, butter or milk. Now, the day before Ash Wednesday (ie:the start of lent) is called Pancake Tuesday. Three guesses why....

The main ingredients in pancakes are: eggs, butter, milk. SO, back in the old days, people would feast on pancakes for a day (SWEET) to use up all the food they wouldnt be able to eat over Lent!! COOL HUH???


These days, rules are a bit less strict (one meal a day????) and many Christians are encouraged to abstain from something that they take pleasure in. Its all about DISCIPLINE When i was little, this was usually TV (but it was never really re-enforced). Also, to focus on prayer during our daily life.

So, why am I telling you all this? I decided to give up something for Lent. For Lent, there will be no desserts. cakes, cupcakes, tiramisu, muffins, slices, pies, chocolate, meringues, cheesecakes and lollies. For those that know me...these are my pleasures. I know that every time I pass up these delicious treats i will be reminded of what i believe in! And I will prove to myself that i can be DISCIPLINED!


What does this mean for you? Probably a reduction in 'sweet' posts...oh i can still bake it, just not eat it...and probably an extension into icecream...the one treat i have allowed myself. but i dont plan on buying any soon - want to see how long i last!
Also, I encourage anyone who hasnt already given up something, to get their A into G and have a try at doing something for someone who has really done so much for us - or even just prove to themselves that they can have DISCIPLINE in their life!

GBU xo


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