Wednesday, November 3, 2010

back to basics (a)

A thought just occured to me. No recipes here folks, just something i wanted to get down (but I might just dig up a good photo or two)

As most of you know, my mum is what inspires me to cook. For as long as I can remember, she has produced baked goods for our lunchboxes (no chips or roll ups) and dinner every night. My mum is traditional...and I have alot of good base knowledge from her.

mum and i hanging in the kitchen

On the other hand, is my aunt, aunty W. While I was living alone in perth, she fed me dinner every sunday night and made sure I was 'vitaminised' for the coming week.
My aunt cooks amazing dinners, is always willing to try a new recipe, and has a wealth of cooking knowledge. Last weekend we had ginger and apricot pavlova roulade, kaffir lime tart, preserved lemon and quinoa salad, lentil, feta and tomato salad, zuchini and parmesan fritters and...I made a plain green salad, just like my mums.

dinner at my aunts :)

Dinner was...amazing, fabulous, the reason I came back to perth. With friends and family, sitting outside by candlelight, eating good food. My tastebuds were doing happy dances and there was a party in my stomach.

Now, this thing that just occurred to me.
As delish as the pavlova roulade was...a normal pavlova kicks butt.
As rich and unlike any chocolate tart I have ever had...a normal chocolate tart with strawberries is always a winner.
As nutty and sour as the preserved lemon and quinoa salad was, or as textured as the lentils and normal garden salad still went down a treat.

the pav roulade...and it was great. i swear. i ate two helpings :D

Can you see what I'm getting at? These days, there are so many recipe books around, and so many ways to cook food that people come up with the craziest ideas...bacon and egg icecream, crispy duck with blood orange sauce and stir fried gai larn or even caramel banana peacan stuffed hotcakes (yes they exist).

When really, simple is just as good. Simple is enjoyed. I LIKE my pav plain, not chocolate, not roulade...just lots of cream and fresh fruit. Although we all enjoyed the experience of eating the chocolate tart, its a well made plain chocolate tart that blows peoples minds and encourages recipe trading.

I dont mean in any way to belittle those adventurous quinoa people. I love to eat their food. But sometimes, I think a step back needs to be taken. Of all the food I ate in europe, a meal of fish and potatoes and preserves with my grandad was one of my favourites. Or just bread and cheese fondue. Chocolate always tasted better as dark (without anything) and nothing beats a good vanilla milkshake.

So, guess I should end by saying I promise not to do any crazy things on here. When I have my will be a return to simple delicious food that we used to eat, but got overtaken by...well...quinoa. I promise to keep it (ok ok mostly) basic, to find the BEST chocolate tart, that will have people begging for more and to embrace the art of simple, good tasting food. off to make filled filo pastries with capsicum and chilli relish with a red cabbage and lemon salad.

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