Monday, July 30, 2012


416 William St, Northbridge

The word Lido makes me think of italian food. Of pasta and tomato sauce, meatballs and parmesan cheese.
In this case, Lido is asian food. Delicious, delicious asian food.

It was saturday night. I was due to go out for dinner (read: wine) with Janeo, and while browsing urbanspoon for a nice looking restaurant, my roomie KC decided to join us. The plan was dinner, and then waffles (see next post).

KC and I were too lazy to catch the train into the city, so I volunteered to drive - note to self: DON'T DRIVE INTO NORTHBRIDGE ON A SATURDAY NIGHT! We ended up finding (free) parking just a couple of blocks away from Lido, which was awesome (and no, I'm not telling you where it is).

Lido lanterns
We got there around 7:30, lucky Janeo was early and had already got us on the waiting list. Yes, there is a waiting list, so either book, or be prepared to stand in line. We were seated around 20 min later and got straight into the ordering.

Chicken chow mein ($16), stir fry beef in coconut cream curry and a bowl of stir fry veges arrived at our table within 15 min, which was great coz we were HUNGRY. Now, I love my asian food - but the most disappointing thing is always 1) lack of veges in the curry and 2) overload of onion (I think they classify it as a vegetable). Not at Lido. There were so many veges in everything it was practically blinding to look in the bowls. The carrot was cut like a flower, the snow-peas were cooked so lightly that they were still crunchy, with big fat juicy peas inside. The celery was crisp, the cauliflower and broccoli was abundant and I couldn't find any onion! The chicken chow mein was full of juicy chicken pieces (real chicken, not out of a bag) and thick egg noodles. The beef curry, oh my lordy, the beef curry. Not chiilli spicy, full of wonderful spices and a rich creamy sauce that just blended with tender beef pieces and my rice so well. As I mentioned before, both of these dishes had so many veges in them that we really didn't need the extra dish, but I wasn't going to discriminate, and the veges were delish. All the meals were hot, tasty and colourful.

We left quite soon after, as we could see there were lots of people waiting for tables - the total for the evening coming to $60 (that was with a bottle of wine!) Absolute win. We were stuffed to the bazookas full of fresh, healthy food, and ready for a walk down to superstar waffles...

p.s the staff were amazing too - didn't talk much but super efficient! When can I go back?
p.p.s they have a menu online so check it out!

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