Sunday, February 6, 2011

European food (a)

Im bored, home alone on sunday afternoon.

Im kinda sleepy.

I dont feel like doing any of the study I have to do.
I dont feel like sleeping.
I dont feel like organising evidence that I should be allowed to lease an apartment.

I dont even feel like eating (probably due to the large slice of praline, coffee and walnut cake I finished off from Sherbet).
I do feel like writing a blog, but
I dont feel like remembering where I sourced the recipes from.


Im going to do something I have been meaning (and promising) to since I came back from all my food photos from europe (and hopefully figure out where I ate them) so that if you ever go, you can try as well...

I wouldn't put up a resturant name/photo if I didn't think it was worth it!

Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Norway, Denmark.


Chocolate - Sucher Interlaken, Switzerland.

Fondue Friday at Riverlodge - Interlaken, Switzerland.

Swiss bread from Altstad Tea Rooms - Interlaken, Switzerland.

I baked cupcakes, brownies and cookies with Lula - Interlaken.

Pumpkin at the markets - Tübingen Germany.

Tiramisu Icecream - Tübingen, Germany.

Apple (funny that) - Unteresingen, Germany.

Best cake shop EVEEERR: Gundel - Heidelberg, Germany.

Blackberries on a morning walk - Heidelberg, Germany.

Sushi (cant find the name of the place) on the Valminstraat- Bruge, Belgium.

Lurenzinos waffles (amazing) on the Noordzandstraat - Bruge, Belgium.

My baby and my chips - Antwerp, Belgium.

CHEESE (3 guesses where) - Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Currywurst @ Currywurst 36 - Berlin, Germany.

Mor-Mors Boller - Sogne, Norway.

Åses pear pie - Stavanger, Norway.

Grapefruit sunday morning - Stavanger, Norway.
Fresh blueberries (soooo good) - Stavanger, Norway.

Hot Chocolate @ Sjokoladepiken - Stavanger, Norway.

Lunch @ Ostehuset (Cheese house hehehe) - Stavanger, Norway.

Reindeer for dinner anyone??? - Stavanger, Norway.

Mor Mors apples - Some random island at H's grandmas house, Norway

Mor Mors waffles - Bergen, Norway.

THAAIII (so craving it) somewhere near the YHA - Bergen, Norway.

Norwegian icecream - Bergen, Norway.

Hot chocolate @ Cafe Klimt *REALLY GOOD* - Copenhagen, Denmark

Hamburger (really guys, this place was GREAT) @ Cafe Klimt - Copenhagen, Denamark.

First Pizza (pretty sure it was at L'Arcano) - Rome, Italy.

Simmo and Gelato near the Vatican - Rome, Italy.

Pastries (mmmm) @ Enotica U.Giuliani - Rome, Italy

Breakfast every morning @ pastry shop, Via Montebello near Papa Germano Hostel - Rome, Italy.

Breakfast : pastries from that shop and Fruit from the market outside there as well - Rome, Italy.

Picnic @ Michelangelos steps - Florence, Italy.

Delish-ious-ness from a shop on the Via S'Onofrio - Florence, Italy.

Fish. Yes - Milan, Italy.

Lasagne and Spaghetti Bog @ Alla Vecchia Pescheria - Murano, Italy.

BEST TIRAMISU EVVEEERRRR @ Alla Vecchia Pescheria - Murano, Italy.

Panna Cotta @ Alla Vecchia Pescheria - Murano, Italy.

Biscotti - Italy.

Dick pasta - Italy.

Condiments @ Ginger - Venice, Italy.

Shrimp pasta @ Ginger - Venice, Italy.
Biscotti pasta @ Ginger - Venice, Italy.

Gelato - Venice, Italy.

Strawberries at the markets - Zagreb, Croatia.

CAAAKKEEE - Zagreb, Croatia.

Karlovack Pivo - Hvar, Croatia.

I finished most of it before I took a photo, pizza in croatia is good! - Hvar, Croatia.
Fudge, random chocolate shop - Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Zucchini in Dans grandads garden - Igrane, Croatia.

Figs, grandads garden again - Igrane, Croatia.

Poppy seed bun from local bakery - Igrane, Croatia.

Tiramisu @ Cacao - Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Cake @ Zvezda - Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Chocolate - Vienna, Austria.

Cupcake somewhere in Vienna, sorry - Vienna, Austria.

Breakfast @ Garda - Vienna, Austria.

Bread at the markets along the river - Salzberg, Austria.

Dinner @ Churrasco la Mamma - Innsbruck, Austria.

Toasted Marshmellow on Biscuit - Interlaken, Switzerland.

My fav picnic: peanutbutter, chocolate and bread @ Trummelbachfalle with Sarah - Interlaken, Switzerland

So. I hope you enjoyed that. I tried my best to whittle it down, but really, if you are in any of these places, I highly recommend you find these restaurants to eat at. I wouldnt put them up if it wasn't worth it.

YAY for beautiful european food :D :D :D

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