Monday, August 13, 2012

The Precinct - breakfast

The Precinct.


That is all.

But no seriously, I have been to the precinct twice for breakfast. TWICE. I hardly ever go anywhere twice because there are sooo many good places in perth to go.

The first time was with dan and sim. Again, I had heard good things and decided we needed to try it out.

Walked in on a saturday morning and were greeted by the staff and told to take a seat anywhere. Menus and water were delivered to the table and I poured over it. A suitabley hot hipster waiter came over to take our coffee orders and while we waited I comtemplated my potential breakfast choices...waffles, or bacon/banana/peanut butter toastie. It had been a while since I had waffles, so I opted for that. Sim chose slow cooked eggs with polenta and tomatoes and dan chose the breakfast cassoulet.
Our drinks arrived in about 10 minutes and I got to pouring my chai. The red teapot it came in was really cute, but it was weird that sims latte and dans long mac were served in a a small (branded) cup - which was a little off putting as they are usually served in glasses, and sans branding (no, I am not a fan of advertising on my coffee, unless it is a takeaway cup).

waffles with maple syrup and lime something or other

I can't really remember how long the food took, but I do remember being hungry. So lets say it took a little longer than I was willing to wait. But that was ok because there was much to talk about. The food came out and looked absolutely beautiful - the plates were black, which was funny, and I didn't like the sound my fork made on them - but the overall presentation was great. My waffles were crisp on the outside, fluffy in the middle, not too sweet and beautifully complimented by the lemon curd, which was the lightest lemon curd I have ever tasted. Sim loved her polenta, with roasted tomatoes (still on the vine) and olive tapenade. Dans meal...well...we had to ask the waiter what it was. It was huge. It was tasty (very manly) but we're still not sure what it was...something with beans and eggs and duck and pork and sausage and kinda like a stew.

Peanut butter, bacon and bananana toastie

So that was breakfast number one. Breakfast number two was with matticus. I had to wait for him, which was great as I had the newspaper (slight disappointment that there were six weekend wests but no weekend australians (with superior crosswords) on offer). This time, I had the toastie...again, well presented, hot crisp toast filled with very well cooked bacon, taffy like peanut butter and fresh banana. It was weird yet wonderful eating this, as the peanut butter just stuck to the top of my mouth, the banana just smushed its flavour everywhere and the toast and bacon crunched. YUUUMMMMM.

Price wise, TP is not that bad. I was expecting quite high prices, but TP hasn't gone pretentious, and kept them in a vic-park price range. My waffle was $12, toasty $10. Sim payed $16 and dan $20. I think coffee was around $4.5. I wouldn't go twice if I didn't think it was reasonable!

So, the food here is good. The price is reasonable. The decor is warm and inviting - there is a super cool mural on one wall, and another wall lined with wine bottles. Blackboards hang from the ceiling advertising the liquor/wine of the day and the kitchen is open air...great for people watching. The staff are hip and cool yet still attentive. The only bad things are the fork/plate sound clash, the fact that the bench seats are waaaay too low for the table, there is no weekend australian AND because the floor is wooden, some of the staff sounded really loud when they walked by - which was off putting. BUT the food is delicious and well presented, and really, thats all that matters :)

stay tuned for TP - dinner.

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