Monday, August 27, 2012

X-wray cafe

X-wray Cafe
3-13 Essex Street  Fremantle
(08)9430 9399

Ooooo that sounds nice doesnt it?! Just rolls off the tongue. Kinda sounds like pig latin. I was never any good at speaking pig latin. But that is beside the point.

It was monday lunchtime and Flash and I were due for a date. I caught the bus to freo and sat outside in the sunshine waiting for him. We didn't have anywhere planned to go, and when Flash suggested x-wray I agreed. I've walked past there many a time and it always seemed like a hippie hangout...just the kinda place I would feel comfortable in. Fairy lights, chalkboard menu, giant pots with fishes in them and lots of greenery, plus a sheltered area with plenty of sunlight.

We walked straight up to the counter to order, and I immediatley knew that I had to have a burger. I don't usually go out for lunch (because I think it's silly) but when I do, burgers are my go-to choice. So I ordered a beef burger, Flash got the haloumi burger and we grabbed some water and set up table in the sunshine (nicely protected from the wind by those see-through plastic sheet thingys).

I feel like this image speaks for itself. HOW FREAKING GOOD does this look?!

Our burgers came out in about 15 minutes and I was impressed. Hello freshly toasted bread roll. Hello colourful lettuce (no iceberg to be seen), home-made relish, fresh tomato and onion and HEEELLLOOOOOO BEEF PATTY...delicious non-greasy and not watery flavoursome beef patty. It was delicious. Came with a side of the best chips I have had in perth (aside from clancys), well salted wedges with the skin on and yummy yummy aoli. I was happy. Flash had his haloumi burger. I love haloumi, but I love meat more...and while his was delicious, there just wasnt that satisfaction that comes with a BEEF burger.

mmmmmmm CHUPS!

So we ate, and we talked, and we sat outside in the sunshine and it was lovely. I would like to go back here, as there were lots of signs for live music and amazing cocktails. It would be a place where you could meet all your friends, grab some food to share and a few drinks and then carry on partying - or get out on their dancefloor. When people usually catch up for a drink in freo its at little creatures. I think x-wray would be slightly less pretentious, cheaper and definitely more intimate. The staff were great - efficient and well adjusted, and I my only complaint is that I haven't been back... apparently their breakfast is pretty amazing too. So, here is to out-of the way cafes in fremantle, I will be back for sure. In fact...probably next sunday for my luna movie date...feel free to join me?!!

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