Saturday, January 22, 2011

French toast (a)

Saturday morning.

I woke up and could hear my parents in the kitchen, discussing breakfast. Saturday is traditionally 'make something special for breakfast and have orange juice' day. 
Mum was thinking poached eggs (ergh), so I wandered out to give my opinion. Dad said 'morning princess...what would you like for breakfast?' 

My mind had been set the minute i got out of bed. 'French toast' I replied and dad said 'right, what the princess wants, the princess gets'.

So that you can all feel like princesses (or princes) in the morning, here is mum's recipe for...

French toast

3 eggs
125mL cream
1 tspn vanilla essence
10 slices of white bread, cut in half
2 tbspns butter

Heat a frypan on the stove.
In a bowl, mix the cream, eggs and vanilla. Whisk lightly with a fork.
Put the butter in the frypan.
Use a fork to spear a piece of bread, coat it in the wet mix and then put it in the frypan.
Fit as many pieces of bread in the frypan as you can, a general 30cm frypan will fit about 6 pieces.
Flip the bread after a few minutes to cook on the other side. It should be a slightly crisp golden brown colour.
Serve with cinnamon sugar (3/4 sugar 1/4 cinnamon in a jar and shake to mix) or with grilled fruit (

If you soak the bread too long then the inside wont cook properly and will be soggy (yuck).
Don't cut the bread too thick, as this also results in soggy inside. Normal toast slice is good.
This is a good recipe for bread that it a little too old to eat fresh.
Try rasin bread or cheese bread (yum) for an interesting twist.

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