Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Merry Christmas!! (a)

Merry Christmas!!!

So, My Christmas gift to you all...I wanted to put a few pictures up of some of the Christmas food I ate.

I was lucky enough to go to NZ for Christmas, and spent a most enjoyable hour at the cherry farms in blenheim, picking cherries straight from the tree for $9/kilo. I also ate LOTS of icecream (because NZ icecream is the BEST) and ham and turkey (yes we had two Christmas dinners). I also got to spend alot of time with my mums side of the family, all my brilliant aunts, uncles and cousins...its like instant friends, just add food :) 

It was a great experience, and I wouldnt give up the traditions my family carries for anything. I will be teaching my children (and husband) how to spend Christmas the Taucher (Wisniewski) way, with midnight mass, lots of amazing food, present opening on Christmas eve and boxing day picnics.

Hope you all had a FABULOUS Christmas as well....filled with the best things in, friends, faith and FOOOOODD!!!! xx

fresh cherry flesh mmmmm

mums epic roast pumpkin salad

Christmas dinner numero uno

Dessert, fresh raspberries and cherries


Picking cherries

my cousin loz, and borcht (beetroot soup)

more icecream..choc dipped

L&P the best drink!

aunty bees' champange jellies


mum passing on pierogi skills

meringues...coz u cant have Christmas without them

Christmas dessert

Christmas dinner

Dinner and a G&T....lovely!


Christmas dessert :)

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