Thursday, April 21, 2011

the alex (a)

Have you ever heard of the Reuben sandwich? It a sandwich with 1000 island (or russian) dressing, pastrami, sauerkraut and swiss cheese.
In the sandwich world, there is much debate about who invented the reuben. Was it Reuben Kulakofsky from Omaha nebraska, who invented it in the 1920s as a late night snack for him and his poker buddies or
Arnold from NY, who sold the reuben at his deli (reubens deli) in 1928?
The mystery has never been solved.

The more important issue at hand is that I would like to claim copyright on 'the alex' (watch out guys this is gonna be big). Invented in my mothers kitchen in 2011, my brothers and I have been eating a version of this sandwich for the past few years (paul is probably gonna say he invented it but he didnt...i did) but I have finally perfected it.

Once I have my cafe, the alex will be a staple menu item. As that future is a while away, I will share the recipe with you :) because thats how nice I am. And because you will never get it perfectly right because you wont have exactly the same ingredients that I use - and my special secret ;) MUAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!

The alex

1 piece fillet steak
3 pieces grill haloumi
1 pickled cucumber
1/4 avocado
1 turkish pocket
tomato sauce

Cook the fillet steak and haloumi.
Layer the ingredients in the sandwich, starting with tomato sauce on the bottom, steak, haloumi, cucumber and avocado.
Enjoy with a cold beer :)

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